LASIK Eye Surgery in Hobart

Serving Laser Eye Patients in Tasmania

Tasmanian Eye Clinics provides a service in the assessment of patient’s suitability for LASIK eye surgery.

We have an optometrist on staff and the necessary equipment to be able to model the cornea and do the required measurements to work out whether a person is suitable for LASIK eye surgery to correct eye conditions such as short-sightedness, etc.

We provide this service to assess whether patients are suitable for referral to our Melbourne associates to provide the actual treatment itself. Our Melbourne associates have a full range of advanced equipment such as bladeless flap creation and wavefront analysis. We have no financial interest in this procedure and so, when you consult us our advice as to whether or not you are suitable for LASIK in Tasmania is purely based upon clinical judgment.

Patients who are looking for professional LASIK surgeons in the Tasmania area can schedule a consultation today to see if they are the right candidate for laser eye surgery.