Intraocular Lens Types Hobart, Tasmania

Also Serving Glenorchy, Kingston & Salamanca

There are many different types of intraocular lenses offered in Tasmania and some of the terms can be quite confusing. Premium Lenses can correct for astigmatism or can provide the possibility of being able to see both at near and far. They are lenses which are designed for particular visual requirements.

Accommodating Lenses are designed to be able to change their focus for close work. Unfortunately, they not particularly successful to date and they have limited application at this stage though they are continuing to improve.

At Tasmanian Eye Clinics we use TORIC lenses frequently as well as sometimes replacing the crystalline lens with a lens which has a bifocal function for both near and distance.

The particular type of lens which is best for you should be discussed with your ophthalmologist at the time of the consultation before the surgery. Patients can schedule consultations online or by calling our office at 03 6230 7444.