Eyelid Surgery Hobart, Tasmania

Eyelid surgery takes many forms. The eye doctors at Tasmanian Eye Clinics are expert in this particular area and our senior ophthalmologist, Dr. Wise, is trained particularly as an oculo- plastic surgeon.

The range of eyelid surgery in Hobart, Tasmania that we offer is very broad indeed and may include removal and restoration of eyelid function after excision of cancer of the upper or lower lid. We also offer eyelid reduction surgery for “baggy eyelids” or the technical term “blepharochalasis”.

Ectropion or eversion of the lower lid is a common problem in Australia because of our exposure to sunshine and ultraviolet light and there are many procedures which are available to correct this common anomaly. Eyelid problems may cause many symptoms such as watering, local irritation and soreness, droopy eyelids and of course the occurrence of localised marginal cancers.

The eyelid is one of the commonest places where BCC (Basal Cell Cancer) and SCC (Squamous Cell Cancer) occur in the body, particular the lower lid, and any suspicious lesion on the lower lid which get larger should be looked at very carefully by an experienced Ophthalmologist. Early intervention saves many problems from becoming more serious.