Children’s Eye Service in Hobart, Tasmania

Also Serving Glenorchy, Kingston & Salamanca

Tasmanian Eye Clinics offers a full range of services in regard to children’s vision.

We have two optometrists and orthoptists who are trained in children’s eyesight and can offer help with the less serious problems of refractive error resulting in the need for glasses.

We also see small children who may have a whole range of ophthalmic problems such as strabismus or squint.

Leading ophthalmologist and eye care expert Dr. Wise is experienced in treating children in Hobart with turned eyes or strabismus. We encourage parents who are concerned about whether their child’s eye may be turning abnormally to consult their general practitioner for possible referral.

Early intervention in strabismus is essential as very often surgery can be averted if early treatment is instituted.

We have two orthoptists on staff who are in effect ocular physiotherapists and who deal with children extensively. We offer a screening service to the School Medical Service and our two orthoptists are happy to expertly review referrals from the school medical service to confirm whether or not there is a problem. Both our orthoptists are recognised by the health funds and their fees are rebateable.

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