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Cataract eye treatment has changed dramatically over the last ten years.

Cataract surgery is now seen as a refractive procedure where people’s vision is rehabilitated and made better than before in some circumstances. Cataract extraction is done by a professional ophthalmologist who removes the crystalline lens (see diagram from our brochure) and inserts an intraocular lens.

How long is the Cataract Removal Procedure?

The surgery is an outpatient procedure in most circumstances under local anesthetic with sedation and involves very little discomfort and has an extremely high success rate of over 98%. The procedure is done by the technique of phakoemulsification and sometimes a laser eye surgery technique is used to make the incisions.

The lenses that are inserted are ultraviolet protecting and of high optical quality. There are now a number of options available for the type of lens which is used in the surgery.

It is now possible to implant a TORIC lens that compensates for astigmatism in the eye. Lenses are also available in special cases which are bifocal in their characteristics and allow people to see distance as well as near. Sometimes patients are treated with monovision and one eye is made slightly short-sighted to help them with intermediate vision.

There are many options available for discussion with our patients and the type of lens which is used takes account of the patient’s requirements and needs after surgery.

When Can I Have Cataract Surgery?

The patient no longer needs to be nearly blind to get a successful result from cataract surgery, as was the case some years ago. Patients who notice early signs of a cataract can have it removed immediately. Modern cataract surgery in Tasmania is relatively pain free, suture free and has an extremely high success rate.

There is a choice of multiple types of intraocular lenses available to suit people’s lifestyles. The object of cataract surgery is now not just to restore vision but to restore functionality to people’s everyday life.

What is the Recovery Like?

Patients see well 1-3 days after surgery. Sometimes it may even take a full month to fully recover from surgery.

During the first week of recovery it is recommended that the patient keep his or her eye covered with a plastic shield or with a soft eye protector to prevent it from being bumped, which in turn could lead to recovery issues. The smallest amount of pressure can have the potential to open the incision.

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