Mr. Jeremy Howcroft

“Optometry, for me, was love at first sight”

jermey howcroftAbout Jeremy

Interested in the field of optics from a young age, Jeremy says all it took was one look at the beauty of the eye under a slit lamp to establish his passion in optometry. He claims it was ‘love at first sight’.

Jeremy continues to be captivated by his chosen field, attaining great satisfaction in helping people achieve optimal eye health and education.

When not pursuing all things ocular, Jeremy can be found exploring the beautiful Tasmanian wilderness, pursuing his second love – bushwalking.


A well experienced optometrist, Jeremy is excited by technical and challenging problems including specialised contact lenses and child optometry. He delights in finding new ways around old problems.

Since gaining his qualification in optometry at City University in London, and moving to Australia in 1990, Jeremy has been a prized part of the team here at Tasmanian Eye Clinics.


Jeremy has a number of Specialities including:

  • Specialised contact Lenses
  • Child Optometry